Tilapia Fingerlings

Compare tilapia fingerling prices - Fall 2018

The list below shows the final price after shipping for 100 blue tilapia fingerlings from the most visible internet dealers. Many of them advertise a low initial cost, only to recover that "generosity" in the form of inflated shipping and handling charges. A shipping box to hold 100 tilapia fingerlings costs less than $5 wholesale. If your supplier can't get boxes for under $5 each, then it's safe to assume that they are a low volume shipper, selling fingerlings out of a dirty IBC tilapia toilet. A properly packed shipment of 100 one to two inch fish should cost no more than $40 for delivery. If you are spending any more than $45 for shipping, packaging, and handling, for 100 tilapia fingerlings, then you are paying too much.

Prices for 100 blue tilapia fingerlings

Website Price Shipping Total Notes
Lakeway Tilapia $116 $0 $116 Lakeway Tilapia is the largest producer of tilapia fingerlings in the US with hatcheries in several states. I've visited two of their locations, both were indoors and laboratory clean. They offer lifetime telephone support to all of their customers from their headquarters in Knoxville TN. Their website is easily the most informative about tilapia farming on the Internet.
Tilapia Farming At Home $89 $69 $158 Tilapia Farming At Home, also known as Tilapia Vita, consists of IBC half-totes and shallow pools housed outdoors under a plastic covered cold frame greenhouse in the owners backyard. The owner is a full-time locksmith, selling tilapia fingerlings is his part-time hobby. There is a full report of this dealer on this page.
Tilapia Depot $125 $89 $218 Tilapia Depot is a re-seller, not a hatchery. The website owner, Mat, purchases tilapia fingerlings and fry from a local grower and keeps them in IBC totes for resale. I traveled to Florida to purchase a "breeder colony" from him. I had to hold open the door to a storage unit while he netted up random fish, held them up to the sunlight and declared if they were male or female. As you probably guessed, they didn't breed.
Aquaponics USA $265 $0 $265 Aquaponics USA does not raise their own tilapia fingerlings. Instead they have someone else drop ship orders to their customers.Warning! The shopping cart on the tilapia fingerling purchase page at Aquaponics USA goes to a NON-SECURE website. The top of the page itself reads "ssl secure payment" with a tiny graphic of a padlock. This is a deception.
Allied Aqua N/A N/A N/A As of October 2018 Allied Aqua lists all live fish as "Out Of Stock". The web site known as Allied Aqua was first registered in 2013 by Kellen Weissenbach, a medical staffing representative. Together with his wife Sarah, an employee of Target, they have created a tangled web of deception using four web sites, an eBay account and an alias that they refer to as Chris Consiglio. Kellen uses his fake persona to dodge customer support issues involving fish that are dead on arrival. I know bacause I was one of those customers.
White Brook N/A N/A N/A As of October 2018 White Brook Tilapia Farm, also known as "tilapiasource.com" lists all live fish as "Out Of Stock".White Brook Tilapia Farm is a small garage hatchery operated by the owners of Allied Aqua. For whatever reason, they set different prices for their tilapia fingerlings on each of their websites.
Tampa Aquaculture N/A N/A N/A As of January 2018 Tampa Aquaculture lists all live tilapia as "Out Of Stock".Tampa Aquaculture is a crawfish hatchery. They are a new dealer and have only recently added tilapia fingerlings to their offerings.